Simple Tip to Stop Roku Lockups

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Simple Tip to Stop Roku Lockups

Post by Admin » Thu Mar 05, 2020 3:51 pm

Roku Lockups are Often Related to High Operating TEMPS


One thing we learned from overclocking computers. When a processor chip is clocked too high, it increases the temperature of the CPU and this would lead the computer to lock up.

Media streamers that live in tiny cases often with no cooling fans are no different. Place them in a cabinet or behind a warm TV and watch the temps climb.

A while back we came across this article on mkvXstream that used a large heatsink to keep a Roku running cooler.

And while our media players all sit hidden away inside a cabinet. We have since placed them all on heatsinks. They now run noticeably cooler, and we have not since experienced a single Roku lockup.

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