Roku Models Shopping Comparison Guide

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Roku Models Shopping Comparison Guide

Post by BenjaminLinus » Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:27 am

Once again the holiday shopping season is here. And just like magic many new Roku players will appear under Christmas trees all over the land.


So if you are scratching your noggin wondering which Roku to buy, you are in luck because we just released our 2019 Roku Shopping Guide which lists all seven 2019 current Roku models.

So don't be confused, when trying to figure out which is this years model vs last. Use our handy infographic to easily see at a glance to make sure you get a current Roku that plays all the great channels that are available now on their platform.

The 2019 Roku Models Shopping guide is here:

Important: When you buy a new Roku Activation is Always FREE. Don't get scammed by fake Roku support websites or phone numbers that ask for a credit card to help you. If they ask for a credit card, just hang up!

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