Beware of Fake Roku Support and How To Activate Roku Without a Credit Card

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Beware of Fake Roku Support and How To Activate Roku Without a Credit Card

Post by Admin » Fri Nov 29, 2019 4:37 pm

It's The Season For Fake Roku Support Phone Number Scammers

The holiday season is here and the Roku Scammers are working overtime. They are spamming their fake phone numbers and websites address all over the Internet hoping that a new Roku user will stumble upon their site.


REAL ROKU SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER: 816-272-8106 And Their Phone Support is FREE
There are even reports of a Fake Roku Support Number showing up on the screen when a user first starts up their Roku. This means the scammers may have bought Roku players from department stores, taken them home and tampered with them to have their fake phone number show up on first start.
The scam works like this. A new Roku user who does not understand how to set up their Roku by linking it with the activation code shown on their screen at this web address from a web browser:

And creating a new Roku account here:

So they search Google for Roku support instead of entering the website directly in the address bar of a Web browser.

When someone calls the fake Roku support phone number, they are immediately asked for credit card before they are offered any support. This can cost the unsuspecting new Roku owner $100 or more to set up a Roku Account or get support which is 100% FREE!

So if asked for a credit card from any Roku support website or phone number, just hang up and be sure to call the Real Roku Support. Or if you are on Facebook, ask for help in the Roku Rocks Group. We are a large group of Roku Fans not affiliated with Roku, and we have some kind and caring members who will quickly help you.

How to Sign Up For a Roku Account Without a Credit Card

Signing-up with your real name and adding a credit card makes it easier to order paid channels from within The Roku Channel. This means the billing goes through Roku and you would only have one charge. Rather than if you sign-up to the channels individually. This would then have multiple charges on your account with each channel you subscribed to.

But you don't have to give Roku your credit card number. And some people don't feel like giving out too much personal information online.

Activate Roku Without Providing a Credit Card or PayPal

And here is how it's done in a few easy peasy steps:

STEP 1. When Roku is powered up for the first time, it will ask you to go to to register it.
Put in your name and email address and then choose a password.

Don't lose this information so write it down in a safe place. Because your Roku and any other Roku you may buy and then sign-in and link to this account with this same password and email address will be linked.

When you add a channel to one Roku, all models linked to the same account will have that channel added. Same as if you delete them. Delete from one, and all Roku models linked to the same account will have the same channel removed.

If you sell or give away a Roku be sure to log-in again to this account and unlink that Roku. So if the new owner adds Roku porn channels they won't show up on all your Roku players in your home.

STEP 2. Complete the CAPTCHA to confirm you are not a bot.

STEP 3. Choose and add a PIN for your account. To be safe, select “Require a PIN for all transactions.” This means anytime someone wants to subscribe to a channel if you added your credit card you won't be charged unless you first enter this pin.

STEP 4. Now fill in the billing info. If you don't want to add a credit card, just choose PayPal and add your PayPal email or any email address will do. Put in your address, a phone number and then click "Submit."

STEP 5. Now Roku will send you to the PayPal website to confirm. After it PayPal has loaded just Close that page. Don't log-in to your PayPal account

STEP 6. Then open up another Web Browser window or a new Tab, and visit
Then choose My Account. And under Payment Method it will show “Add a payment method to make purchases.”

This means you can now go ahead and use your Roku for all the free channels you like. Should you want to purchase a channel subscription on your Roku rather from the channel provider directly, you can always go back to the same Roku MyAccount page and add a payment method there later.

Next, open a NEW browser window or tab and go back to, click on My Account again, and you’ll notice that under the Payment Method comment it states to “Add a payment method to make purchases.” You have, in effect, now bypassed having to do that.

STEP 7. Near the bottom of the page Click “Link a Device.”
It will walk you through link your new Roku to your account. And after you are done you have linked and setup your new Roku without needing to add your credit card, debit card, PayPal information.

Once you have your Roku all set up, Visit this page to Add Some Great Roku Channels That Rock!

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