How to Access Roku's Secret Screens

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How to Access Roku's Secret Screens

Post by Admin » Mon Apr 01, 2024 3:44 pm


Your Roku has a handful of hidden features you can't find on the Home screen. Here's how to access them with a few remote clicks. Your Roku is full of mysteries. This is something you know if you’ve ever delved too far into all of the channels you can add to it. But unless you’ve heard of its secret screens or sat on your remote at just the right angle, you might not be aware that the right combination of keys can unlock new controls.

Roku’s secret screens hold some features not accessible any other way. While they may be beyond what you generally need in order to use your device, it’s nice to know what they are. We’ve got the most useful ones below and are sorry to report that we could not include the one that used to control ads on the device because when we tested it, as we found that it no longer works.

Nevertheless, there’s probably something you’ll find helpful...

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