Add 1900+ Private Roku Channels and Codes from this List!

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Add 1900+ Private Roku Channels and Codes from this List!

Post by BenjaminLinus » Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:18 pm


The Roku Channel store is pretty awesome. They have channels neatly organized by many categories.

One of our favorite ways to search for new public Roku channels is in the New and Notable category from a web browser. They list many of the newer public channels there and you can add them right to your Roku.


Roku also has Private Channels which must be added by a secret code. These codes are often shared by channel developers to let users test out channels before they are made public. And some channels like Adult Roku channels are not allowed to be made public at all.

Here is a long list of Roku private channel codes, along with instructions for adding them to your Roku. These private channels cover a lot of different stuff and while Not all are guaranteed to work. Some are actually pretty cool and are every bit as nice as a public channel.

So be sure to browse through this list and you can find some great Roku channels not listed in the Roku Channel store.

Warning: Some private channels may include 18+ Adult Only Content

Click Here to View 1900+ Roku Private Channels with Codes

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