Roku Negotiating to Buy Quibi's Content

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Roku Negotiating to Buy Quibi's Content

Post by Admin » Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:57 pm

Roku and Quibi, the short-form video content provider that went belly-up in 2019 are finalizing talks to purchase the rights to Quibi's content.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting talks are almost finalized in what will add some nice extra content to The Roku Channel.

The service was originally launched to provide short 10-minute length videos, that was aimed more at smartphone users than home streamers. Unfortunately, this streaming service never really caught on. And the company closed down its business late last year. This was only after being in business for 6-months.

This added content will help boost Roku's Free Streaming Service otherwise known as "The Roku Channel." Their ad-supported free service has proved to be very popular on both the Roku platform and also as a stand along Free channel that can be watched on other non-Roku platforms as well.

While the deal may still come apart, should if it goes through. It would offer Roku a nice treasure trove of short-form video content for them on their channel. It's possible the Free TV format could end up being more popular with short videos than a paid subscription service to Quibi was.

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