Roku Hit 50Mil Active Users and You Can Win 1/50 Roku Ultras

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Roku Hit 50Mil Active Users and You Can Win 1/50 Roku Ultras

Post by Admin » Wed Jan 06, 2021 4:42 pm

Roku is celebrating. They just hit 50 Million, active user accounts. To celebrate, Roku is giving away 50 Roku Ultras!


This last year with many working from home now along with many new cord-cutters, Roku has been one of their favorite media streamers of choice.

What's there not to love about Roku, it's not like they don't offer a huge list of free channels on their platform like these. A welcome relief for many struggling just to pay rent.

Cable TV with its constant price hikes has priced itself right out of the budgets of many Americans.

Roku is a great platform for watching content from many different channels. Including a lower-cost way to watch live streaming cable TV channels. They offer more channels across many different genres than most others. Including 1900+ private channels which even include full Adult movies.

If you would like a chance to win a Free Roku Ultra, enter the Roku giveaway contest here.

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