LEAKED: ROKU May Soon Offer a Rechargeable Remote

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LEAKED: ROKU May Soon Offer a Rechargeable Remote

Post by Admin » Sat Feb 13, 2021 2:28 am

Roku is making an environmentally friendly move that will have Greenies everywhere rejoicing.


Reddit users are talking about a new Roku Voice Remote Pro that is slated to ship on February 19. This new remote is the first one from the company that will wait for it... Come with rechargeable batteries.

One complaint often heard from users in various online chat groups is how quickly Roku remote batteries die. Especially if you use private listening a lot.

The new remote should be a lot easier on the environment and also on many Roku owners' budgets. The cost of batteries like everything else keeps creeping higher each year. And by saving the cost of hundreds of batteries during the lifetime of a Roku TV or Roku media player can add up fairly fast.

Besides, hands-free voice-activated control, the new Remote Pro will also feature the handy remote lost finder. This is especially useful for finding those remotes that seem to grow legs and like to play hide and seek with their owners.

This remote is not yet being offered for sale on their website. It could be quantities are limited. Their other Voice Remote listed is not scheduled to be in stock until March 17.

If you want a really nice remote that works with Roku, and many other media streamers and home theater devices, don't miss these 3 popular Universal remotes.

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