Roku: Original Content May Be The Ticket For More Growth

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Roku: Original Content May Be The Ticket For More Growth

Post by Admin » Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:57 am

Last quarter Roku earnings were off the charts, and the acquisition of Qubi content for the Roku Channel is placing Roku in a wonderful position even more future growth.


Now they are venturing into expanding their offerings from hosting only other studio's content to becoming a full-on original content provider of their own.

This would make The Roku Channel an even bigger moneymaker than it is today. As more and more people wean themselves from cable TV and make the jump to streaming TV. The market for Roku's content will grow even larger.

The original content model has worked very well for streaming sites like Netflix, Apple TV, and Disney+. There's no doubt it would be just as lucrative for Roku.

By financing their own made-for-Roku movies and television series, it would set Roku apart from the long list of me-too providers that all provide many of the older classics.

The only question that lingers is would the ads be enough to pay for it, or would Roku need to go to some form of the monthly subscription model?

Time will tell which direction they go with this. But I would never want to bet against the ingenuity and creative talent at Roku. If anyone can pull this off, they most certainly can.


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