The Chess Match between Roku and Google Just Intensified

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The Chess Match between Roku and Google Just Intensified

Post by Admin » Sat May 08, 2021 12:14 am

Or you can call it a game of who blinks first, but Google raised the stakes even higher as the dispute between Roku and Google took another turn this week when Google made a counter move which may have caught Roku off guard.


Roku removed Google's YouTube TV channel from the Roku platform last week because the two companies hit an impasse over privacy concerns.

But what Google did was change their regular YouTube channel, which was not removed from Roku. It now lets YouTube TV subscribers access this through the regular YouTube channel via a separate button in the channel. But new subscribers still can't sign up for YouTube TV from this channel and must do so elsewhere outside of the Roku platform.

This left Roku in a bit of a quandary. If Roku also takes down the YouTube channel, this could really anger their user base and send them scurrying off to use alternative media streamers instead. And Google who is banking on this is looking at offering alternative media streamers to give away to subscribers of their YouTube TV channel Free when signing up.

This game really between the two media giants is getting nasty, and Roku has accused Google of using its monopoly status to favor searches on the Roku platform to their content. Google is already under investigation for some tactics they use throughout the world and could face heavy fines and ultimately could be busted up into separate entities, as has happened with other companies who had an unfair competitive advantage in the market.

One thing is certain, Roku is playing in the big leagues now and the decision they make on this latest tactic by Google could affect their bottom line and ultimately their stock price.

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