Quick Hack to Fix a Loose 2020 Nvidia SHIELD Remote Cover

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Quick Hack to Fix a Loose 2020 Nvidia SHIELD Remote Cover

Post by Admin » Tue Jun 08, 2021 9:11 pm

Here's a 30 Second Fix that will stop your 2020 Nvidia SHIELD remote control battery cover from ever popping loose again.


We love the newly redesigned Nvidia SHIELD remote control. In 2020, SHIELD remotes no longer use chargeable, or watch batteries. Instead, they now use two more commonly found AAA Alkaline batteries that are easily replaced by slipping off the back cover.

But the new remote introduced another issue, the remote cover on the back that pops loose too easily once it has has the cover opened several times.

The good news is applying a single piece of tape as shown, will tighten the SHIELD remote cover just enough, so it stays on and won't accidentally come loose at the wrong time.

Don't use scotch tape, instead try using electrical or duct tape, which is a little thicker, and it offers more friction for the best grabbing power.


One layer of tape is all you need to keep that pesky Nvidia SHIELD remote cover in place until next time you need to take it off.

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