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More Bigfoot Sightings Err Meant New Nvidia SHIELD Sightings

Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 10:39 pm
by Admin
Now Best Buy Accidentally Put The New SHIELD Models on Store Shelves!

In the last week we have had several sighting of the New Nvidia SHIELD models accidentally leaked on Amazon, and the Canadian Best Buy websites.

Some users have been claiming fake news to some early release news until now.

But now one Reddit user Bubba_Nosferatu was even able to snap some very graphic photos of the SHIELD Pro and the SHIELD Streaming Stick packaging before they were again pulled from the shelves at a Best Buy.

He even posted a review of the first 20 hours with the new SHIELD Pro

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro - 16GB RAM Price $199.99



NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Stick - 8GB RAM Price $149.99


The official release date from Nvidia on their new Shield TV products could be very soon if this message posted at the official NVIDIA Shield Twitter account means anything. They posted a tweet today with the date "10.28.19"