Here's How to Remove the Netflix Logo from The New SHIELD Remote Control

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Here's How to Remove the Netflix Logo from The New SHIELD Remote Control

Post by Admin » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:29 am

Well the New NVIDIA SHIELD has arrived and the prominently displayed Netflix Button on the newly redesigned remote has caused quite a stir. We honestly did not see that one coming.


Some enterprising individuals have already figured out how to reprogram the button. But that still leaves the rather brilliant looking Netflix logo staring us in the face front and center.

So here are some tips provided by one of our members that can help remove the Netflix logo and make the SHIELD remote look a little more discrete.

The button will still work, and using this app you can map the button to another channel or function entirely.

The Goof Off Method (Scarier)

Proceed with caution friends, because one wrong slip and you can permanently deface your shiny new remote.


This is method requires picking up a can of some good old-fashioned Goof Off.

This will take the Netflix logo right off of the remote. Goof Off will melt plastic. And as a precaution, use some blue painters tape to tape off the button. Then use a clean lint free cloth and only wipe in 1 direction. Fast steady motion. No excess Goof Off on the cloth, just damp. Use a fast steady motion just as if you are using a paint brush.

Be very careful, if Goof Off gets anywhere else it melts into the plastic.

This method can also be used on many plastic parts, motorcycle fairings to remove scratches before painting, plastic signs before silk screening. It can also be used on anything plastic that you want to remove a logo, old sticker or scratches.

It will leave a gloss finish. And it will also remove the skin from your hands. So be sure to use gloves.

If you have an old Shield box with scratches, if used correctly, it will be glossy piano black when done .... no scratches

Goof Off Works

The Dremel Method (Safer)

Another way to get rid of the Netflix logo is to buff it off from the button using a Dremel Tool. Use a buffing pad along with some polishing paste and in approximately 20 sec, the Netflix logo on the remote button will be history.

This is a lot safer than using Goof Off for some people. (Use too much Goof Off on the button, and if a little runs down the side, it can actually weld the button to the case)

Buy a Universal Remote

If the Netflix button really bugs you, another option is buy a universal Wi-Fi remote and don't mod the SHIELD remote at all.

When it comes time to sell, the next owner may rather like the Netflix button. And would rather buy one that has not had the button logo removed.

One remote that works really well with the SHIELD is the Seven Hugs Smart remote. You can learn a little more about this remote here...

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