Nvidia SHIELD To Get Android 9 PIE Update

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Nvidia SHIELD To Get Android 9 PIE Update

Post by BenjaminLinus » Wed Jul 24, 2019 3:33 am

The Nvidia SHIELD TV Box is the Android Media Streamer that Just Won't Quit.


While there have not been many hardware updates since 2015 when the first model came out and then with a slight revision in 2017 which took away more than it really gave so Nvidia could lower the price.

Nvidia has updated both models with every annual Android version update that has been released so far. And with Android Q already in beta. The Android PIE 9.0 Update may also be a reality for 2017 SHIELD TV.

Not sure if the 2015 models will be updated but since they were always in the past, it's pretty likely Nvidia will follow through since they are almost identical when it comes to hardware. Unless they want users to migrate to their new faster SHIELD TV Box that will soon be released.

What Will Android Pie Offer?

Here is a comprehensive guide that lists everything Android PIE will offer cell phone users. Some of this undoubtedly like better privacy controls will apply to Android media streamers running Android 9.0 OS.

New SHIELD May Be Coming

Rumors have leaked of some type of update from Nvidia maybe later this year. Nevertheless, the current model still blows away any other box currently available including the Mi Box S which just does not do the Android TV operating system justice the way a Nvidia SHIELD TV box does.

It will be running Android 9.0 PIE. And here's why the new NVIDIA SHIELD TV Box will run 25% Faster!

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