Beware the Mx9 Pro Firmware Update

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Beware the Mx9 Pro Firmware Update

Post by Admin » Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:58 am

There are scammers out there putting out fake web pages with the title "Mx9 Pro Firmware Update."


The scam works like this. They build a web page and name it Mx9 Pro Firmware Update. And write some related text using the same keywords as the title.

Then the search engines pick it up and it also shows up in the news feeds as well. Then when you click the link rather than finding the latest information on a Mx9 Pro Firmware Update. This page then has a redirect script that hijacks your web browser and attempts to install a nasty bit of code to your device.

This is also done with many other popular keywords that are often searched for on the Internet.

It's called drive-by download. And Mcafee define it as:
A drive-by download refers to the unintentional download of a virus or malicious software (malware) onto your computer or mobile device.
If you are looking for a firmware update for the Mx9 Pro, be extra careful clicking on unknown sites. To be safe always check with legitimate sources like This Mx9 Firmware download page on ChinaGadgetsReview

The latest firmware they have listed for the Mx9 Pro is Android Oreo 8.1 released on Nov 28, 2018.

Cheaper China clone Android boxes just don't update their devices very often. They would much rather sell you newer hardware every 6 months than to support older devices.

If you want the best Android box out there, then look at the NVIDIA SHIELD. They have been supporting these boxes for 4 years now with firmware updates sometime twice a year.

Or check out other Android TV Boxes here.

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