How to Safely Set Up An Android Box without Personal Information

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How to Safely Set Up An Android Box without Personal Information

Post by Admin » Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:49 pm

If you Bought an Android Box and Are Worried About Your Privacy? You Should Be


Especially since even Jeff Bezos the creator of Amazon managed to get his iPhone hacked and tons of sensitive information leaked through the simple act of watching a mp4 video sent to him through WhatsApp.

This only underscores how easy it is to lose personal information and account passwords on Android which with 3rd party apks installed is even less secure. This is more apt to occur when installing free TV and other apks outside the Google Play Store that may have been modded to have the ads removed and sometimes other more nefarious content inserted as well.

Right now, some of you are probably thinking, I don't have anything to worry about, should my info be compromised. But let's look at this a little more.

Here's Why You Might Want To Rethink This

If your Android device did become compromised:

1. And you used your personal Gmail Address to access the Google Play Store. Now a hacker has access to all your accounts. So next time you reset your banking account password, or sign-up for a new streaming account like Netflix, or an IPTV account, a hacker will also have access to this information.

To prevent this from ever happening, create a new Gmail account and only use it for your Android Box for the Google Play Store, accessing YouTube and nothing else. This way if your box is ever compromised by a rogue apk, there is not much there they can use.

2. Your device will start sending a lot of data back to the hacker.

When Bezo's phone was hacked data experts determined his data being sent out went from an average of 430 kilobytes of data a day which was normal. And after the video his phone started sending out 101 megabytes of data a day back to the hackers for several months thereafter.

This can slow down or overwhelm your network causing your videos to buffer and data caps to be reached quicker than normal. Not to mention letting some creepy hacker have access to everything you do on your device.

3. Your Android box can be set up as a Data miner for crypto currency using a ton of data or setup as a bot that can infect other devices on your contact list with malware.

The very act of setting up an Android box to accept 3rd party apps from other sources other than the Google Play Store allows apps that have not been scanned for viruses and are unsigned or from trusted developers.

One thing you can do before installing 3rd party apps is run them though a free online apk scanner like Virus Total. You need to do this every time before you install an apk. It will check the apk for any virus injected into the app that may compromise your device.

While this is a good idea, it only takes one time to make a mistake and forget to scan an app. The best bet is to just make sure you keep your Android TV box free of any personal data.

Also, use a network monitor that can give you an idea how much data is being sent into and out of your network. If you suddenly see a huge spike in the amount of data being sent out after you recently added a new Free TV app. Chances are your Android TV box has been compromised.

Just taking a few precautions can make a huge difference and keep your Android device from getting hacked. This will protect your personal information and keep your network performing optimally.

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