If you are thinking of buying an Android TV Box, you better wait a little

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If you are thinking of buying an Android TV Box, you better wait a little

Post by BenjaminLinus » Wed Sep 20, 2023 4:16 pm

If you are looking for an Android TV Box, the best thing you can do is wait a couple of weeks for the manufacturers to integrate a new and more powerful processor.


Amlogic has presented its new processor for Android TV, the Amlogic S905X5, which introduces some significant improvements over the previous Amlogic S905X4.

The Amlogic S905X5 is a quad-core Cortex-A510 processor that runs at a maximum frequency of 2 GHz. In addition, it has a... Continue reading

Note: The author claims Amalogic is making chips for the Nvidia SHIELD, which is false. Nvidia makes their own Tegra chips for the SHIELD TV box.

Amlogic Inc. (sometimes stylized AMLogic) is a semiconductor company that was founded on March 14, 1995, in Santa Clara, California. The company predominantly focuses on designing and selling system-on-chip integrated circuits. Chinese Android box manufacturers often use these chips in their low-cost Android streaming TV boxes.

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