Is there a problem with the Android Google TV app built into the TVs?

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Is there a problem with the Android Google TV app built into the TVs?

Post by Admin » Thu Nov 02, 2023 8:49 am

More Android TV users recently are complaining about freezing while using the Google TV app on their Android TVs.


Android TV users have are frustrated with freezing and their Google TV app takes forever to load. This is on the built-in software on Android-powered Smart TVs. It's a pretty common problem, and it's often due to inferior TV hardware.

Some TV manufacturers especially on lower cost models tend to skimp on things like RAM, processors, and storage to cut costs. They mainly want you to get it online so they can track and sell your viewing habits.

Here's What You Can Do To Fix This:

1. Make sure to apply the latest software updates. Sometimes firmware update will load a newer version of the Google TV app which can greatly speed things up. Be sure to check your settings and make sure automatic updates is turned on.

2. Check your WiFi connection. It may be useful to run speed test app to see how fast the Internet connection is to your GoogleTV. You'll need to download the app and run it directly from your WiFi connected TV. One that's free and easy to use is: Internet Speed Tester available on Google Play.

Shifting your router closer or positioning it higher can enhance the radio signal. If your television has an Ethernet port, using a direct wired Ethernet cable from your router provides the best performance, free from interference, barriers, or overcrowding problems.

3. Perform a hard reset on your Android TV. This will restore your television to the same state it was in when first taken out of the box. It will clear out any software that could be corrupt and will work the same way you first powered it on. This means restoring all your apps and settings so only want to do this as a last resort.

Another workaround you can try is to uninstall other apps and force close any running apps. It might improve the situation temporarily, but in the long run, it's probably better to invest in a separate Android device for a smoother experience. IMHO, it's a small price to pay for a more hassle-free TV streaming experience.

If you'd rather not deal with the hassle of supporting an additional Google TV media streamer, consider buying a SONY Android TV model. It could be a smart choice for a smoother streaming experience.

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