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Amazon Fire TV takes on Roku and Samsung with new Free TV tab

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 1:17 am
by Admin
Amazon is offering thousands of free movies and shows to try to lure TV streamers away from Roku and onto their Fire TV Platform.


The Amazon Fire TV interface is doubling down on free TV streaming, with a new, dedicated tab for all the content on Fire TV you don't have to pay for... Read more on techradar

Guess the news that Roku now has 40 MILLION active user accounts must have lit a fire under Amazon. They would like nothing better to try to get cord cutters to their platform, so they can then sell them stuff.

But when it comes to media players, Roku is a lot better. Their platform has a ton of free content to choose from like these Roku FREE channels.

A Roku is easier to use, more stable and well there really is not comparison between the two. And almost everyone who has owned both a Fire TV and a Roku tends to prefer the Roku.

But the primary reason many people choose to buy a Fire TV and their sales number are as high as they are in the first place is piracy. The Fire TV can run Kodi and other pirate TV apps which Roku does not have.

But there are better Android boxes for this.

These Fire TV users would probably not be all that interested in their Free content to begin with. Unless Amazon locked down their Fire TV platform. Which probably won't happen unless some day they surpass Roku in active user accounts.