ExpressVPN Cyber Monday Deal is Now Live!

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ExpressVPN Cyber Monday Deal is Now Live!

Post by Admin » Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:57 pm

ExpressVPN, one of the fastest and best VPN providers around just announced their annual Cyber Monday Deal on their award-winning VPN Service.


A VPN is not optional if you plan on ever using torrents, or if you want your private information to remain private if you ever use public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Because a VPN encrypts traffic between your device and the Internet. This means you can:

1. Bypass geographically blocked content easily by setting your DNS address on your Router or device to one provided by ExpressVPN which is located in a country for which you want to view content.

2. Visit sites that from a computer your government, school, and, employer may have blocked. By going through your VPN to access the Internet, it bypasses filters or restrictions put in place to prevent you from accessing content or spying on the sites you visit. All they see is your connection to the VPN.

3. Surf safely without fear of letters from an ISP telling you downloaded or streamed a copyrighted film. Your ISP has no clue what you are doing and your IP address is not broadcast about to every site you visit.

4. Bypass sports blackouts with a VPN. Easily watch home games by setting the DNS address to one located in another state or country from where the local games are being played and blacked out.

5. Use apps like Kodi or torrent apps with complete anonymity or fear that your IP address will fall into the wrong hands.

As far as VPNs go, all VPNs can slow down your Internet connection. Some VPN providers will slow it down a lot more than others. Give Express VPN a try and you will see it's one of the fastest around.

ExpressVPN offers a no questions asked FREE trial which you can cancel anytime before it's over and not pay a dime.


Click here to check out ExpressVPN or learn more. And be sure to take advantage of their Cyber Monday Sale. It will give you an extra 3 FREE Months when you sign up for their 12-month plan.

This sale which is the best deal offered all year long, ends December 14, at midnight.

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