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Why The Apple TV+ App Sucks (At least For Now)

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2019 3:16 pm
by Admin

We were able to take advantage of the free one-year trial we received for the Apple TV+ app because we bought a new iPad Mini for Christmas on sale for $50 Off.

At first, we were pretty excited, especially when we saw some free Hallmark Christmas movies right off the bat before the holiday.

So Christmas evening we decided to watch a free Hallmark Christmas move and most of the free ones were gone. One that we clicked on came up as a purchase for $6.99. So no thanks, on we went to watch one on Netflix.

The Biggest Reason Apple TV+ App Sucks is there is no easy way to filter between the free content and the pay extra content.

RANT ON: Please Don't try to upsell your subscribers Apple. If we want to buy something, we can go look in that section. So why try to trick us into paying for the stuff that is not included? Put the content that comes with the subscription front and center in an easy to find spot. Don't make us click on each show and have to guess if it's included with the subscription or requires an extra fee.

Amazon Prime Video is famous for this as well. Guess Apple decided since there is not a lot of content to begin with included for their $4.99/month. They will try to hide it in between all their paid content. This is just dumb, and it kind of makes us want to dump their paid app which we would if we were not getting it for free. LOL

If we were currently paying for Apple TV+, honestly the way they have it set up now we would not continue past the free trial. But hopefully in a year when the free trial is over, they will have things sorted out a little better, and it may be worth keeping.

But for now, Netflix is a 1000X nicer especially knowing that everything on their platform that you click on is available to watch instantly and there are never any additional fees.

Maybe I'm missing something? To be honest, have not spent a lot of time trying to figure out if there is way to filter only included content from all the paid iTunes store content. Briefly searched Google and nothing came up. So if you have a secret method to show only the free content that comes with your subscription to Apple TV+. Please chime in.