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New A12 Apple TV May Be on The Way as Soon as March

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:19 am
by Admin
13.4 Beta Reveals A New Updated 4K Apple TV May Soon Be Here


Rumors have been swirling that Apple has been working on a new Apple TV model with an even faster processor. Current 4K Apple TV models contain their A10 CPU. With an A12 CPU this will offer another significant boost in performance.

Apple A10 Vs A10 SOC

The Apple A10 Fusion CPU is now several years old. And besides their current Apple TV 4K it was also used in Apple iPhone 7 and 7Plus model phones. The A10 Fusion SOC (System on a Chip runs at a clock speed as high as 2.34 GHz.

In comparison, the Apple A12 Bionic is the SOC which the new Apple TV is rumored to have onboard. It currently powers their iPhone X and XR.

It's approximately 15% faster than the A10. But it also uses less power. And it also features a GPU which is 50% faster which should boost Apple games and streaming performance even more. The A12 Bionic also has 6 cores compared to the A10 which only has 4.

To put things in perspective. The Nvidia SHIELD is currently the fastest Android TV box out there. And when you compare their Tegra X1 against an Apple A12 Bionic the A12 Blows it away. The A12 is approximately 64% faster under AnTuTu. And 305% faster in Geekbench.

Again if the rumors are true, we could see this new faster Apple TV available to buy sometime in March.

Re: New A12 Apple TV May Be on The Way as Soon as March

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2020 4:40 pm
by Admin
Due to the Corona Virus, Apple's March Event where we hopefully would have learned of the new Apple TV has been postponed. Another reason we may not see it for a while is shipments from China have slowed to a crawl due to factories shutting down for the past month.