Apple TVOS 14 Released Today

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Apple TVOS 14 Released Today

Post by Admin » Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:02 am

If you have an Apple TV, there is a New Update Waiting to be Installed


Apple today released an update for their Apple TV streaming devices.

Here is What's New with tvOS 14 for Apple TV
  • Gamers will now have quick game resume and multi-user support. Same as on a PS4 and Xbox One. This lets you quickly resume a game where you left it. Plus, your Apple TV will now provide support for both the Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Game Controller.
  • PIP (Picture-in-picture) has been enhanced. Use fitness apps while watching live TV or you can use PIP videos that can be shared using AirPlay.
  • 4K YouTube videos support.
  • Redesigned Home App for HomeKit
  • AirPods audio sharing.
How to get the Latest Apple TV tvOS 14 Update

This new Apple tvOS 14 update can be applied by going to System/Software Updates then click Update Software.

This will update your Apple TV sooner than if Automatic Updates is enabled. The automatic update process typically happens sometime in the middle of the night. When Apple figures most users are fast asleep.

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