Fubo TV Multi Screen Now on Apple TV

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Fubo TV Multi Screen Now on Apple TV

Post by Admin » Sat Oct 24, 2020 12:41 am

Fubo TV the streaming TV service that is heavily biased towards sports channels now has Multiview 2.0 enabled on Apple TV


Now when watching Fubo on an Apple TV, users can view four screens at the same time. Multiview is an updated and enhanced PIP (Picture in Picture.) PIP only showed 2 channel screens on the TV.

Mulitview can be accessed on the Apple TV from the option's menu. Once enabled you can choose 4 live channels to play on the TV screen at one time.

While most people won't use Multiview for watching several TV shows or movies at once, it does come in handy for checking sports scores from several teams playing simultaneously.

If you haven't tried Fubo TV yet, take advantage of their special FREE trial.

They have a great selection of both sports, and entertainment channels.

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