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Apple Not Quite as Restrictive as You Think

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:48 pm
by BenjaminLinus
The Apple TV 4K is Now a Pretty Awesome Media Streamer!


Performance wise the new Apple TV 4K with its A10X Fusion CPU blows away any Roku or Android box except for the Nvidia SHIELD.

DirecTV Now was giving away free Apple TV 4K streamers if you signed up for a couple of months of service with them. So we gave one a try and now we are glad we did.

The Apple TV 4K interface is every bit as easy to use as Roku and the sound quality is amazing. If you can use an iPhone, you can easily use an Apple TV.

Not content with just the Apple apps we wanted to see what could be added from the dark side to watch some Free TV.

Come to find out there are ways to add Kodi, and IPTV apps are available to download from the Apple Store. Restrictive? Roku won't even offer IPTV apps anymore...

So we put together a little guide: FREE TV Apple TV Apps from The Dark Side to show you some of the cool things that can be done now with an Apple TV.

Media Streamers That Let You Do What You Want From The Most to The Least Restricted

4. Apple TV
3. Fire TV
2. Nvidia SHIELD
1. Android Box