Baby Formula Shortage - Here's a solution

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Baby Formula Shortage - Here's a solution

Post by Admin » Wed May 11, 2022 10:15 am

The Nationwide Shortage of Baby Formula is Expected to Continue


Many of our Washington grifters and self-dealing career politicians are too busy spending our money on everything but Americans. So we can't count on them for a quick fix to this problem.

But as a new parent, the fear of not being able to provide food for your infant is very real, as is the panic in the pit of your stomach knowing there is a chance your baby could go hungry if you can't find any infant formula on store shelves.

You can make your own formula that will get you and your baby through this difficult time.
"Despite the introduction of proprietary infant formulas in the 1920s, most parents continued to use evaporated milk formula because it was easy to prepare and affordable." ... s-included
And look at all the great stuff these kids grew up to build.

People also ask
Can you use evaporated milk for baby formula?
Since that time a steady flow of research has confirmed the earlier findings that Evaporated Milk is a superior form of milk for infant-feeding. Babies who receive Evaporated Milk feedings have been shown to compare favorably with breast-fed infants in their nutritional state and general development." ... t-text.htm
Here are some additional resources to help you make your own baby formula:

Warning: FDA warns making your own formula is not without risks. So be very careful when making your own baby formula. And plenty of sites will tell you this. But starvation is not a solution either and many parents may have no other choice but to make their own formula during this time.

A new company ByHeart is offering its new infant formula online:

The World Health Organization has a recipe for making baby formula at home ->


- ... y-formula/

Where to Find Commercial Infant Formula

eBay is another great source to find your favorite infant formula online. Be sure to verify the expiration date with the seller if they don't have it listed.

- Click Here to Search eBay for Baby Formula
They had quite a few listings for commercial infant formula available.

You can also scan this QR code, which links to the infant formula listings.


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