Here’s Why AI May Be Extremely Dangerous—Whether It’s Conscious or Not

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Here’s Why AI May Be Extremely Dangerous—Whether It’s Conscious or Not

Post by Admin » Fri May 26, 2023 9:25 am

Scientific AMERICAN: Artificial intelligence algorithms will soon reach a point of rapid self-improvement that threatens our ability to control them and poses a great potential risk to humanity

Once AI can improve itself, which may be not more than a few years away, and could in fact already be here now, we have no way of knowing what the AI will do or how we can control it. This is because superintelligent AI (which by definition can surpass humans in a broad range of activities) will—and this is what I worry about the most—be able to run circles around programmers and any other human by manipulating humans to do its will; it will also have the capacity to act in the virtual world through its electronic connections, and to act in the physical world through robot bodies.
“The idea that this stuff could actually get smarter than people... I thought it was way off…. Obviously, I no longer think that,” Geoffrey Hinton, one of Google's top artificial intelligence scientists, also known as “the godfather of AI,” said after he quit his job in April so that he can warn about the dangers of this technology.... Continue reading to learn more

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