Best Alternative Search Engines and Email Clients to Big Tech

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Best Alternative Search Engines and Email Clients to Big Tech

Post by Admin » Wed Dec 16, 2020 2:37 am

Big Tech Loves for us to use their free platforms. Their email clients and search engines track your every click, sites you visit, so they can follow you around with ads to sell you stuff. Or even worse, sell your personal browsing history to 3rd parties.


They will also happily share your info with the Government. But this could also depend on which party is in control of the purse strings and doing the asking.

Free Alternatives to Gmail

Tutanota – this company out of Germany is secure and private. Accounts up to 1 GB are Free!
ProtonMail – is hosted in Switzerland and they offer free accounts up to 500 MB.
Mailfence –they are in Belgium offer some nice perks and accounts up to 500 MB are Free.

Secure Free Alternatives to Chrome Web Browser

Firefox – Firefox and Firefox Focus which takes privacy protection up another notch are both highly customizable browsers. With a ton of 3rd party plugin support.
Iridium – This browser is an open-sourced version of Chromium, Iridium has several great privacy and security improvements versus Chrome.

Private Alternatives to Google Search

DuckDuckGo - Another browser that values privacy and won't track and try and sell you with a bunch of ads.

StartPage - this browser is a lot like Google but better because it's all about protecting their user's privacy.

Searx – An open source meta search engine with great privacy safeguards.

MetaGer – Another open-source German metasearch engine.

SwissCows – You will love this secure Swiss zero tracking search engine.

Qwant – France has a private search engine alternative to Google also.

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