Disney Plus Error Codes Comprehensive Guide

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Disney Plus Error Codes Comprehensive Guide

Post by Admin » Fri Nov 15, 2019 4:16 pm

Disney Plus Error Code List


Disney Plus Not Playing Nice
With your Media Streaming Device?

Have no Fear
the Disney+ Error Code List is Here

We'll Show you Each Code One by One
And How to Fix it Until it's Done

The Disney Plus Party has Begun So No More Wait
Get Those Error Codes Fixed and Don't be Late!

While Disney's new streaming service experienced some technical issues at launch, use this Disney Plus Error codes list to help troubleshoot any error codes that may popup on your device while watching.

Disney Plus Error Code 87 - This means Disney+ Can locate your user profile. Unfortunately, this is their problem with their server and there is nothing you can do but wait for them to fix it on their end. All you can do is log into your profile occasionally see if they fixed it.

Disney Plus Error Code 86 - Disney has determined the email you used for your account has been linked to suspicious activity which violated their Subscriber Agreement. Or it could belong to someone under 18 years of age.

Disney Plus Error Code 83 - means there is an issue with their streaming service and your device. The device you are using may not work with movies or TV shows on their streaming service.

It can also mean there is a network problem and your device is not connected to the Internet or their servers. See if you can access any other channels on your device.

Verify the device you are using is on the Disney Plus supported device list:

Disney Plus Supported Devices
  • Amazon Fire TV Media Streamers, Fire TV Sticks, TVs, and Fire Tablets
  • Roku Media Streamers, Streaming Sticks ,and TVs
  • Google Chromecast
  • ChromeBooks
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Android phones, Android TV (NVIDIA SHIELD)
  • Apple TV (Available from the Apple TV App and as an Add-on Purchase)
  • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Sony Smart TVs with Android OS
  • Samsung and LG Smart TVs

Disney Plus Error Code 76 - This code also means either your Internet is too slow or you can't connect to their servers at all. Check your Internet Speed by using a Speed Test from a Wi-Fi connected computer, and also from one connected by Ethernet directly to your Router if possible.

Disney Plus like an Internet connection that is at least 20Mbps for it to work well.

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Disney Plus Error Code 75 - Shared your account password with 10 of your best buds, and more than 4 of them are streaming at the same time this code will show up. Time to purge the freeloaders off of your account and only share it with only three other friends or family members and you should be fine.

But if they try to use several devices at the same time and you exceed the allowable limit the dreaded error code 75 will be back.

Disney Plus Error Code 73 - This is a GeoBlock error and it means that Disney + is not available in your part of the world. At this point a VPN could come in handy set to a USA IP address on your Router. You will also want to create an account using an address in the country you want to view it and use a prepaid credit card from there as well.

It's important to use the fastest VPN possible. Slow ones will not give you the connection speed needed and it can then still not work and still show error 73. EpressVPN is one of the fastest we've tried that should work best for Disney+.

Try resetting your Router after adding your VPN DNS servers this can help improve your connection speed sometimes.

Disney Plus Error Code 72 - Similar to Error Code 82, Disney is having an issue with your user account. Try to log into Disney+ from another device or network if possible. To determine if something may have become corrupt with a particular dev device.

Disney Plus Error Code 42 & 44 - Video Rights Error. Nothing you can do about this one except hope they fix it.

Disney Plus Error Code 40- There are problems with the video you are trying to play. Could be there are too many users on their server all trying to watch at the same time. Try watching at a later time or not during prime time to see if it will play.

Disney Plus Error Code 38 - Your Date and Time may not be correctly set on your device. This needs to be corrected in order to sync with Disney's servers.

Disney Plus Error Code 36- The current video you are trying to play is not available. Something Disney needs to fix on their end. You can also try using a different device to see if it will play there.

Disney Plus Error Code 35 - Same error as error code 40 and 36. Video is unavailable to play right now.

Disney Plus Error Code 34 - You have exceeded the amount of profiles you can create on Disney+ which is 6. If you want to create another profile, you will need to delete one first.

Disney Plus Error Code 32 - Your account can't be reached or verified. You will need to log into your Disney+ Account again on this device.

Disney Plus Error Code 31 - If you have "Location Services" turned off your device will not connect. It will need to be turned on for Disney+ to work. If you are outside the USA, see error 73 for a work around on how to get Disney+ in your area.

Note: If on an Android device turn on the location services and also choose the High Accuracy option

Disney Plus Error Code 30 - One may only add 10 devices to a Disney+ account. Once that limit is exceeded this error pops up. If the device you are using has been already linked to your account try logging in again on this device.

Disney Plus Error Code 29 - Internal Server Error on Disney's part. Sit tight until they fix it.

Disney Plus Error Code 28 - Another "This Video is Not Currently Available" error.

Disney Plus Error Code 27 - Another "Video Rights Not Available" error. Maybe coming soon so there is nothing you can do but wait.

Disney Plus Error Code 25 - Something may be missing or have been omitted from your Disney+ user account. Check your account to make sure everything has been filled in.

Disney Plus Error Code 24 - Your Account is not connected or your Internet connection is too slow. See Error Code 76 & 73 for possible solutions.

Disney Plus Error Code 22 - Another error code that has to do with video rights or ratings restriction. Not much you can do except say a few nasty cuss words at this point.

Disney Plus Error Code 13 - If you are trying to download the same video to more than 10 devices at the same time this error will popup on your screen. If you already have the video downloaded to some devices and you need it on another you will need to remove it from one of the other devices first.

Disney Plus Error Code 11 - Another you are blocked from watching this movie in your area. You can either move or travel to the area where the video is available. Or try the method we outlined in Error Code 73. Which is a lot cheaper.

Disney Plus Error Code 9 - You either created an account using bogus information and Disney caught you. Or your credit card has reached the expiration date. Try logging back into your account and see if you can update it. Your address has to match the information on file with your credit card.

Disney Plus Error Code 8 - Your password or user name did not match what you used when you created your Disney+ account. You must also verify your email address before your account is active. If you don't see the activation email try looking in your email Spam folder.

Disney Plus Error Code 7 - Something you entered when creating your account did not make Disney happy. Or the email address was invalid. Double check all the fields and make sure there were no typos.

Disney Plus Error Code 5- You have entered some information in your Disney account that is restricted. Go back and double check all your entries.

Disney Plus Error Code 4 - Another invalid information on your user account error. Check your bank card and postal address to make sure it is from a valid country.

Hope this takes out some annoyance to getting your device up and running on Disney+. Enjoy this streaming service for 7-days and when you are ready to try something else, Check out this list of all the best streaming TV services that offer FREE trials

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