Millions Dump Duck Duck Go after CEO admits they CENSOR Search Results

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Millions Dump Duck Duck Go after CEO admits they CENSOR Search Results

Post by Admin » Thu Mar 10, 2022 8:52 am

Many users flocked to Duck Duck Go because of censoring and privacy concerns.


Many Internet users stopped using Google Search due to censorship and privacy concerns.

Only to adopt another search engine who's CEO recently openly bragged on Twitter how they censor search results.

This created a bit of a firestorm online with many users now canceling their use of Duck Duck Go in favor of another popular search engine that refuses to censor search results.

Brave The New Favorite Alternative Search Engine

Brave offers their own web browser, along with their own search engine.

They are both designed with user privacy in mind. We confirmed this to be true and you can even see for yourself.

When you search for mkvXstream in DuckDuckGo, there are no results listed for their actual website. Yet on Brave and Google their site is listed among the top spots of their search results.

Needless to say, DuckDuckGo will be DuckDuckGone as we remove their search from all our devices in favor of Brave Search.


Tip for iOS Users: You can't add additional search engines to Safari. Your best workaround is to download and use the Brave browser from the App Store. It includes their Brave search engine.

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