STIRR Is A Nice Free App Like Pluto With a Pretty Decent Guide

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STIRR Is A Nice Free App Like Pluto With a Pretty Decent Guide

Post by Admin » Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:04 am

STIRR A Pluto Like App With FREE Content


2020 will be the year for FREE TV. As more of the paid streaming services raise their prices. People faced with sticker shock are beginning to switch to Free apps more and more to offset the costs.

Pluto TV is hugely popular. And STIRR is another app that offers similar but different content.

STIRR has apps available for pretty much most all media streamers. Including Roku, Apple TV, Nvidia SHIELD, Fire TV, Android, iOS and even on PCs from a web browser.

Using the same cable TV look, they even include a nice guide. And their TV guide can be viewed here in a web browser.

But before their guide will load, you first need to go to their home page and choose a local channel nearby. Otherwise, the guide will get stuck on authorizing. And all you will see is the spinning wheel of death.

Give the STIRR channel a try. It will let you access more great FREE TV content. Even if it comes at a price of watching a few extra ads.

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