Traditional Cable TV Providers Lost a Ton of Subscribers in 2019

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Traditional Cable TV Providers Lost a Ton of Subscribers in 2019

Post by Admin » Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:21 am

2019 was a disaster for Cable TV operators with 6 Million Customers Saying No More!


- No more ever-increasing monthly cable TV bills.
- No more to endless commercials.
- And no more hidden fees and extra charges.

And it does not matter how much they wanted us to believe that the cord cutting movement was slowing down, it actually increased more than ever.

Yes, last year was a stunner for cable TV executives. And how did they respond? By promptly raising prices in 2020 on their remaining customers.

So it looks like 2020 may be another for the record books as many people choose to stream their content from free channels like these. And tell their cable providers to take a hike.

Even streaming services like Sling are losing customers. Yes, their numbers just went down and more and more people are either opting to choose an on on-demand service over live TV. Or they may be subscribing to illicit IPTV services instead.

What ever it is, it certainly does not bode well for traditional cable TV and especially satellite providers who have been hit the hardest.

Amazon to The Rescue - NOT!

The latest move by NCTC just shows how desperate the Cable Industry has become. And even this may backfire.

Amazon offered to give cable providers discount on Fire TV Streaming Devices. Really? Letting cable customers have access to one of the most hacked media streamers for watching Kodi and other side loaded Free TV apks is going to help them how?

This will no doubt give their customers even more incentive to cut the cord while contributing even more to Amazon's ever growing profits.

They would have been better off cutting a deal with Roku or Apple for a media streamer because these media streaming boxes have a lot more safeguards in place to prevent piracy than Fire TV or Android.

A New Approach Is Needed By Cable TV

For some reason cable TV providers stubbornly hold onto their over bloated channel packages. And they refuse to offer discounted plans for individual channels chosen by subscribers.

It would seem that $5 or $10 a month from subscribers is still a lot better than no dollars a month.

If you not yet joined the streaming TV revolution, have a look at this free web app and you will find some really great sites to stream from at a much lower price than cable TV and many sites that even for free.

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