Great Deals & FREE Streaming TV Channels During the Coronavirus Shutdown

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Great Deals & FREE Streaming TV Channels During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Post by Admin » Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:14 am

Looks like many companies are stepping up to help those affected by the Coronavirus Crisis


With all the shutdowns and people being sent home because their job came to an end at a moments notice. It's good news to hear some top streaming companies have stepped up to the plate and made their service FREE to watch during this crisis.

Here are the top streaming deals and channels which have offered free streams and extended trials. And as this list expands, or new channels are offered we will be sure and update this list to share these with you here.

This post is stickied at the top. Please bookmark it to be notified of updates as we add them.

  • FOX News - Fox News has made their Live news channel Free so you can stay up to date during the crisis.

  • Stay in & SLING TV - To encourage everyone to stay at home during the COVID-19 Crisis, Sling TV has opened their service to everyone to watch it FREE for 14/days. No Credit Card Needed.


    Their latest Promotion Happy Hour Across America now unlocks Sling Blue Live TV package. It's Free for everyone from the hours of 5:00 PM until Midnight Every Day! Full Details are Here...

    • Movieland TV - This is a new public Roku channel that offers a ton of great classic movies for free. Don't miss adding this popular channel to your Roku.

    • SirusXM Premiere - Brighten Your Day with SirusXM by listening to 300+ Ad-Free Channels Until May 15 for FREE with no credit card required.

    • Acorn TV - Free 30 Day Trial with CODE: FREE30 And use it to watch British streaming TV programs and movies online.

    • PLEX - Is offering their Live TV DVR service from an Antenna, FREE for the next 3/months. No Plex Pass Required. You will need an ATSC Tuner though, like a HDHomeRun. Then you can use Plex on an Nvidia SHIELD or a PC and record Live TV shows from popular local network channels.

    • CBS All Access - Right now you can get a FREE 30/day Trial to CBS All Access until 4/23/20. Use CODE: STREAM They are also letting users without a subscription watch the full first season (Nine Episodes) of Star Trek Picard for FREE. Register with the Coupon Code: GIFT.

    • WWE Network - They unlocked Free for a limited time thousands of hours of content. This includes every past episode of WrestleMania for a limited time.

    • Curiosity Stream - The streaming service you want for thousands of documentaries and non-fiction television show just lowered their price. Now you can subscribe for only $11.99 for the entire year. That's a 40% Savings off the regular price!

    • Shudder TV - If you love a good horror flick. Check out Shudder TV for Free for a full 30/days. Just use the Promo Code: SHUTIN at sign-up and this will extend the normal 7/day trial to 30 days!

    • AMC - Until May 2, watch the first half of Season 10 of "The Walking Dead" and select other shows for free. No Log in or Subscription needed.

    • EPIX - Until May 2, watch it for Free with no sign-up required!

    • HBO - Beginning on April 3 you can visit their site and watch 39 movies and TV shows (Over 500 Hours absolutely free with no subscription needed.)

    • Hoopla - Increased their limit to 25 items their users can check out each month. This includes eBooks, streamed videos, music, and audobooks.

    • Sundance - Extended their free trial to 30 days. Just use the Promo Code: SUNDANCENOW30 at sign-up.

    • Kanopy - Increased their limit to 15 streaming movies each month.

    • NBC Sports Gold - is giving away free streaming of their PGA TOUR LIVE, Premier League, Pro Motocross, INDYCAR, and more.

    • Deezer - is offering a FREE 3/month trial to their popular music streaming service.

    • Adult Channels - These Streaming Adult Channels Offer Free Trials or Special Discounts Year Round.
      - Adult Empire has several channels at 55% off for the first month.
      - Elegant Angels is Offering a Free 7/day trial to their channel for a limited time.
      - Videobox another popular adult Roku Channel is offering 7/day FREE trials to their entire library of adult content.
      - Naugty America has their adult streaming service on sale now for 40% off.

    • Locast TV - If you can't afford to contribute the $5 per month, just email them at:, and they will give you 100% free service for a full 30 days. And they won't interrupt or nag you at all for donations. Use this channel to keep up on local news during this crisis.

    Most all these streaming services have channels and apps for Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV.

    FREE Channels Also Available

    Besides the channels listed here, there is also a long list of FREE channels for Roku, Fire TV, Android and Apple TV. Check out this list to add popular channels like Pluto TV, Tubi, STIRR, XUMO and more.

    Deals from Broadband Cable TV Providers

    Many broadband providers are also offering special deals and eliminating data caps while many are stuck at home during this time.

    Charter Spectrum has a promotion with Free Internet for two months for new customers with students at home. And they now also extended this offer to K-12 teachers and College/University professors.

    Comcast eliminated data caps. And several others have increased download speed for no extra fees. Plus they are offering FREE Wi-Fi and a lot of extended and totally FREE TV content. Learn more here!

    Be sure to contact your local provider and ask about any specials they may be offering for their customers.

    These Channels All Teamed Up with The Roku Channel to Offer FREE 30/day Trials:

    Sign-up from the Roku channel on your Roku to access them all free for a month.

    Noggin (60-day trial available starting 4/1/20)
    Lifetime Movie Club
    History Vault
    A&E Crime Central
    UP Faith & Family
    Shout! Factory
    Baeble Music
    MHz Choice

    Official Roku Channel for U.S. Gov COVID-19 Joint Task Force


    Add it to Roku

    COVID-19 Tracking Sites

    These are websites that track the latest cases, and number of deaths from the Coronavirus across the globe.

    The first link (click photo) is maintained by John Hopkins University.
    The link below it was built by a 17-year-old Student and is also very informative.


    :!: Alternate COVID-19 tracking tool:

    :!: WorldOMeters has another really useful Coronavirus tracking site. It has a ton of information on their site on the current spread of COVID19.

    :!: List of Coronavirus Cases by Counties in Every State from the New York Times

    Note: If the NYT site asks you to register, put a period after .com like this: com./ in the address bar and click enter or return on your keyboard

    Check Out This Map to See Which Counties in Your State are Practicing Social Distancing

    The Unacast COVID-19 Social Distancing scoreboard is pretty cool. It tracks movement in your State and actually assigns a grade for social distancing. See which grade your County and State scored by clicking on the photo below.


    Venturing out to buy food or having supplies delivered?
    Watch this video to keep yourself and family safe from the Coronavirus!

    Here are charts which shows in which States COVID-19 hospitalaziations are dropping and in which States they are going up.

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