Brightcove Introduces Smart TV SDKs for Roku, Samsung, and LG Devices, Empowering Media Companies to Reach New Audiences

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Brightcove Introduces Smart TV SDKs for Roku, Samsung, and LG Devices, Empowering Media Companies to Reach New Audiences

Post by Admin » Tue Apr 16, 2024 8:07 am

Press Release. The new SDKs streamline the development and management of native apps for premium OTT and DTC streaming video experiences.

“Our comprehensive platform enables media companies to benefit from out-of-the-box functionality and deliver premium app experiences with features previously only available in bespoke custom app development - at a fraction of the cost. ”

Brightcove developed the SDKs with advertising needs in mind, supporting client-side and server-side ad insertion (CSAI, SSAI) and integrating them with digital advertising partners. Brightcove’s Roku SDK also complies with the Roku Advertising Framework (RAF), facilitating the certification process for customers. Brightcove’s Smart TV SDKs improve media handling and offer sophisticated content security capabilities, including multi-format DRM support, playback rights restrictions, and HDCP Fallback, seamlessly enabling secure delivery of premium content across all platforms.

Brightcove’s industry-leading Insights solutions also come pre-integrated. These insights, driven by the usage of the Smart TV SDKs, allow media companies to optimize ad breaks, improve player performance, identify content performance trends, pinpoint the cause of streaming quality issues, and measure impacts on viewer engagement, all to inform and enrich content, monetization and distribution strategies. The Smart TV SDKs automatically collect and report the session details impacting viewer satisfaction at scale, providing a clearer picture of overall streaming service performance and ensuring better viewer experiences.

In concert with the launch of the Smart TV SDKs, Brightcove has brought together a collection of the best video app developers to deliver options for media companies looking to meet viewers wherever they are. Partners include...

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