Americans’ New TV Habit: Subscribe. Watch. Cancel. Repeat.

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Americans’ New TV Habit: Subscribe. Watch. Cancel. Repeat.

Post by Admin » Sun May 05, 2024 9:40 am

Many more people are jumping from one streaming subscription to another, a behavior that could have big implications for the entertainment industry.


Early last year, Josh Meisel and his wife wanted to watch a new buzzy Peacock drama, “Poker Face,” starring Natasha Lyonne.

But Meisel, a scientist who lives outside Boston, did not subscribe to Peacock. He paid for half a dozen other streaming services and was reluctant to sign up for another. So he and his wife made a pact. If they weren’t watching “Poker Face” anymore after two weeks, they would cancel Peacock.

Sure enough, they lost interest and canceled. And then he realized: Why stop there?

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