Xumo 2024 FAST Report Reveals Shifting Entertainment Habits Toward Free and Easy Streaming

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Xumo 2024 FAST Report Reveals Shifting Entertainment Habits Toward Free and Easy Streaming

Post by Admin » Thu Jun 06, 2024 4:10 pm

70 Percent of FAST Users Can Always Find Something to Watch on Free Streaming Channels

-(BUSINESS WIRE)--Xumo, together with FASTMaster Consulting, today released a new research report, 2024 FAST Market Update. Taking an in-depth look at viewers’ engagement with free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST), the new report provides the industry, including content owners and advertisers, with meaningful insights into the role FAST plays in consumers’ evolving entertainment decisions. It offers insight into topics like who is watching, when and how much they watch, why they watch, and how FAST viewing compares to other major forms of entertainment.

“The findings of this report underscore the increasingly important role FAST plays in today’s entertainment landscape, dispelling myths and highlighting the diverse, engaged, and growing audience that finds value in our free and easy streaming,” said Stefan Van Engen, Vice President, Content Programming and Partnerships, Xumo. “As engagement levels during primetime rival other major forms of entertainment, it’s clear that FAST is becoming a part of people’s everyday lives.”

SEE MORE: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20240603643564/en/Xumo-2024-FAST-Report-Reveals-Shifting-Entertainment-Habits-Toward-Free-and-Easy-Streaming

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