TV OS battle brews, do consumers care?

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TV OS battle brews, do consumers care?

Post by Admin » Fri Jul 05, 2024 8:11 am

A battle for the living room is playing out, with several players working to build smart TV operating systems that aim to enhance the user experience while also presenting new business and revenue opportunities, namely though data and advertising.


But while established players including Roku, Vizio, tech giants Google and Amazon, and electronics makers Samsung and LG, as well as newer entrants like Xumo, Xperi’s TiVo and VIDAA are building software systems to cater to both viewer and advertiser needs – the question arises, do consumers care?

Platform executives weighed in on the topic this week during a supersession at the StreamTV Show in Denver, hosted by TVREV analyst and co-founder Alan Wolk.

Before getting to consumer awareness, it’s worth noting there are clear reasons for companies pursuing TVOS ambitions and competing for market share, where as Wolk noted, it’s not a winner-takes-all game.


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