Patent Wars Are Coming and It Will Shake The Streaming TV Industry

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Patent Wars Are Coming and It Will Shake The Streaming TV Industry

Post by Admin » Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:53 pm

With the upcoming trial of MV3 Partners Vs Roku the outcome can have serious implications that will rock the streaming TV industry.

“Roku will reverberate throughout the industry, setting legal precedents, and the results will be heard loud and clear.”
The gist of this case is MV3 claims Roku illegally used their technology without paying them a license fee for a patent they hold that lets users stream content from mobile phones to televisions.

Should they win other companies like Google, Microsoft Corporation, Sony Corporation, Samsung, ASUSTeK Computer, LG Electronics, Apple, Philips Electronics, Amazon, Huawei Technologies, HiMedia Technology, Arris Group and D-Link, plus others could all be on the hook for similar lawsuits. Because their devices all implement this same technology.

But just like malpractice suits make health care more expensive for everyone. This will serve to drive up the cost of media streamers to consumers as well.

And it well could bankrupt smaller companies that implemented this technology and force them out of business completely.

To read a much more detailed article on this lawsuit click here...

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