Where to Watch Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

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Where to Watch Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

Post by Admin » Mon Aug 10, 2020 4:40 am

You won't find Yellowstone the hit drama TV series on Netflix, or Hulu.


But it is playing on NBC's Peacock streaming service. To watch the first two seasons you'll need to sign-up for their ad supported service which costs $4.99 ad-supported. Or $9.99 without ads. (Android Users Watch Free Until October)

And you'll also need an Android box, or Apple TV. Because Peacock is not yet available on Roku or Fire TV. Although side loaded versions of the Peacock app do exist for FIRE TV.

(Here's where to download the apk along with the instructions)

The first two seasons were very entertaining. And it takes place on a ranch in Yellowstone. Start watching and soon you will be hooked on the family drama.

Season's One and Two are both available, and season 3 recently started. So it may be a while before the entire 3rd season is released to binge-watch.

Learn more about Yellowstone by watching the video trailer below. Then if you want to learn how to watch Peacock free until October. Click here...

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