MEDIAPOST - NETFLIX Could Reach 500 Million Subscribers By 2030

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MEDIAPOST - NETFLIX Could Reach 500 Million Subscribers By 2030

Post by Admin » Mon Sep 07, 2020 10:59 pm

Netflix Latest Subscriber Count Hits 193 Million Subscribers Worldwide


Sure, because of Covid-19 and everyone staying home it probably had a lot to do with their subscriber count increasing. But one analyst thinks Netflix could be on track to reach 500 Million worldwide subscribers by 2030.

Maybe so, but not if the price keeps increasing and it costs $50/month. For now though, there is still plenty of great shows to binge-watch. Along with some entertaining movies.

But there are also more streaming services now than ever competing for limited entertainment funds. Netflix is still an excellent value, and while other streaming services tend to catch on here and there.

Netflix has the long term staying power that keeps people subscribing, month after month.

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