Best Alternatives to the Now Defunct Pluto TV Music Channels

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Best Alternatives to the Now Defunct Pluto TV Music Channels

Post by Admin » Fri Sep 11, 2020 1:34 am

Now that Pluto eliminated the Free Music Channels from their Free streaming TV service, here are some great alternative options to listen to Free music instead.


Streaming music from the Internet is a nice way to listen to tunes compared to listening to FM radio stations. And your TV can do double duty as a musical jukebox.

One nice thing about Internet music streams is it's like having a virtual record store at your fingertips. Now that Pluto, no longer has a nice selection of free music channels. Here are some other great options to keep listening to your favorite songs for FREE.

1. Plex - has some great music on their free streaming service from Tidal.

2. - contains many nice music stations with a wide range of genres.

3. iHeart Radio - is another free music channel to check out.

4. TuneIN Radio - also has a nice selection of music stations and also news, talk, and sports podcasts.

5. Radio Paradise - has a rather nice Roku music channel.

6. DASH Radio - is another great source for streaming and listening to music.

7. Amazon Prime - if you subscribe, has many great Radio Genres that are included Free with Amazon Music.

8. XM Radio - XM subscribers can now access the same streaming channels in their car on a PC or media streamer app. For no extra charge!

9. Pandora - another great streaming service that offers lower resolution music with ads free.

10. STIRR - besides offering some great TV content also has a nice list of music channels.

ALSO: More Music Roku Channels - Don't miss this extensive list of music channels you can add and listen to right on Roku. Most are FREE!

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