2020 Worst Year Ever for Cord Cutting

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2020 Worst Year Ever for Cord Cutting

Post by Admin » Tue Sep 22, 2020 2:43 am

The Cable TV Industry Did Not Need Any More Help To Lose Customers in 2020


But then COVID-19 came along and Cord Cutting in 2020 set all kinds of records. And according to eMarketer the cable industry is on track to lose another 6 Million Television subscribers to cord cutting.

This brings the total so far to 31.2 million customers that have snipped the television cord in favor of cheaper streaming TV options like these.

One thing's for sure, cord cutting is here to stay and is in fact picking up steam. Much to the chagrin of the nay sayers who thought it was just a passing fad.

But even as impressive as these numbers seem, there are still 77.6 households in the U.S.A that continue to pay way too much for cable TV. But this number does keep shrinking year after year.

The Media Streamer is Slowly Replacing Satellite and Cable TV Boxes

With media streamers, cheap and plentiful like Roku, Android, and Fire TV. Cord cutting is easier than ever.

Just buy a media streamer of your choice, then subscribe to a low cost streaming TV service, and you probably have cut your television entertainment budget in half or more.

And this friends can add up to a significant sum of money very quickly. So if you have been on the fence about cutting the cord, buy a media streamer and dip your toes in the water.

Watching episode after episode, season after season without commercials is a very powerful substitute to commercial ridden live TV.

If you haven't yet, give streaming TV a try. Chances are almost guaranteed you will end up really liking it. And the money you save is yours to spend any way you like. :D

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