SLING WATCH PARTY - A Cool New Feature No One's Done Yet

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SLING WATCH PARTY - A Cool New Feature No One's Done Yet

Post by Admin » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:52 am

Sling TV just rolled out what could be one of the coolest features yet during this COVID-19 stress induced time we find ourselves living in this past year.


Watch Party is something new that as yet hardly anyone we know of has rolled out in a streaming TV platform.

Here is How Sling's Watch Party Works

1. It lets you share your Sling TV account and invite 3 other users to watch TV togther. But you need to subscribe to Sling Blue, Sling Orange or Sling Latino services.

2. A Chrome Web Browser is required. No other platforms are yet supported. So for now this is somewhat restricted. But if it takes off, Sling may roll it out to other platforms if they are able to support it.

3. The friends and family you share your account with don't need to be Sling subscribers and it won't cost them or yourself anything more.

4. Only the Sling Account Holder can control what everyone is watching. And pause, play or rewind is only controlled by the Watch Party host.

5. Users can text or video call each other while the show is playing.

It all sounds good so far all except for maybe a more appropriate name. Maybe like "Social Distancing Watch Party", or "COVID Safe Watch Party."

Or maybe, Watch Party is just fine and a good omen for a safe future where we will all freely gather together to once again without fear to have a real old-fashioned Watch Party.

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