Tired of YouTube Censoring and Ads? Give Yewtube a Try

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Tired of YouTube Censoring and Ads? Give Yewtube a Try

Post by Admin » Tue Dec 15, 2020 4:56 pm

YouTube, like so many other silicone startups is all fun and games when they first startup. But once they grow into a giant monopoly like any bad marriage sometimes a partner's true colors emerge.


How quickly they forget it was their user base that made them what they are today. And like a dog that bites the hand that feeds, when the fangs come out it the bit can be quite painful.

YouTube has defunded popular artists who used their platform to gain huge followings. They have closed accounts that some users have spent years and countless hours pouring their hearts and souls into for minor infractions. And now they have gone as far as censoring video content that they don't agree with or which does not fit their political narrative.

Censoring content is a slippery slope that often leads to a lack of diversity in ideas being presented. When we can no longer have civil discourse because it may potentially hurt someone's feelings or political chances this is taking things a bit too far in a country that values freedom.

YouTube may quickly learn what so many have from history, that the public trust is fickle and fleeting. And when you try to enforce often unfair and heavy-handed measures on your user base, your user base will quickly lose trust and seek better alternatives leaving you in the dust. Just ask Fox News...

One new and upcoming alternative to YouTube is YewTube. They offer ad-free content and their platform will feel very much like an earlier version of YouTube. There is not much political content there so if you feel like watching puppies, kittens and other videos that make you happy this is your place.

Downloading Videos Is Easy on YewTube

Unlike YouTube, which charges a monthly fee or requires you to use 3rd party software to download videos, or watch without ads. YewTube makes it easy by adding a Download Video button next to videos that allow downloads.

If you would like to have a look at YewTube, click here. It's also on this Awesome FREE list of 151+ Free Streaming TV sites.

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