DEAL ALERT! Subscribe to 6 months of HBO Max for only $11.66/mo

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DEAL ALERT! Subscribe to 6 months of HBO Max for only $11.66/mo

Post by Admin » Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:29 pm

Right now through January 15th, HBO Max is offering a 20% Discount off their normal price for 6/months.


You can subscribe to watch movies on the same day they are released. During this promotion, it will cost $11.66/month for 6 months before the regular price of $14.99/month kicks back in. But to get this discounted offer, you will need to pre-pay for the full 6/months in advance which will cost $69.99.

Not a bad deal if you plan on subscribing to their streaming channel. It's now available on Roku, Apple TV, and Android.

To take advantage of this special promotion, click here...

We've noticed more and more streaming services start offering extended streaming discounted deals to reduce churn. Churn is where someone will subscribe for a month or two and then dump the service in favor of another.

For a long list of Free streaming TV channels, click here...

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