Today's the Day Adobe Flash Finally Goes End of Life

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Today's the Day Adobe Flash Finally Goes End of Life

Post by Admin » Thu Dec 31, 2020 4:59 pm

This could be a sad day for those of you who enjoyed playing countless Adobe Flash games. Or it could be a happy day for those tired of being set up for drive-by malware which all starts innocently enough by asking you to install Flash.


It's sad to say, that the Flash browser extension was the entry point for a lot of bad stuff that happens to Internet users' computers.

And it's not like we did not know that the December 31, 2020 deadline was coming. Adobe announced it way back in 2017 that today was the day Flash would no longer be supported on any current web browser.

It's given the world plenty of time to prepare for "Life After Flash." But now that this day has finally arrived, what's a self-respecting Flash addict supposed to do?

HTML 5 to the rescue, Flash is not the only software that lets us play cool games in a Web Browser. HTML5 also supports games natively with no additional software or browser extensions needed.

Have a look at these sites which offer games that can be played directly in a browser without Adobe Flash by using built-in HTML5 code.


2. 30 Amazing Games Made Only With HTML5

3. 35 Best Games You Can Play Online in a Browser

So there is a fun and safer world available for all of us without Adobe Flash. RIP Flash, you lived a long life full of excitement, intense drama, and were a source of misery for many. We for one won't be sorry to see you go away. If for no reason other than never needing to delete another attempted drive-by Flash install.

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