Sling AirTV A DVR Without Monthly Fees

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Sling AirTV A DVR Without Monthly Fees

Post by Admin » Thu Dec 31, 2020 6:48 pm

Owning many DVRs either cloud-based or hardware-based like TiVo or Tablo like to charge a monthly fee for their guide data.


This is pure profit for companies as more users sign-on, their profits keep growing month after month. But this is a fee many cord-cutters simply can't afford and now with AirTV from Sling they don't need to.

Like HDHomeRun and Tablo, Sling also makes hardware DVRs that let you record and pause your favorite live TV shows from an antenna. But there is no ongoing monthly fee to use the guide when you purchase one of their Android-based DVRs.

Simply plug it into your TV set with an HDMI cable, and then plug your Antenna wire directly into an AirTV and you are now in control of your Live TV shows just like with TiVo or with a cable company DVR. Minus the higher costs.

Check out these three AirTV models that would work best for you. There is no subscription to Sling needed and creating an account is free.

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