Hola VPN Your Ticket to Free Content From Across the Globe

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Hola VPN Your Ticket to Free Content From Across the Globe

Post by Admin » Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:53 pm

Hola VPN can Unlock Streaming TV Sites That Are Blocking You Because your IP Address Resides in the Wrong Zip Code


It's true, many streaming sites and sports channels like to blackout or restrict content. This means even though you may already pay for a subscription to a popular sports channel, if games are played locally, you don't get to watch. Or if you use your Netflix account in the USA, you won't be able to access the same content in the UK or Germany.

This can mean a big difference in the availability of content that could be playing in one geographic area of the globe and completely missing in another. But simply changing your IP address in your Router, or on a PC can let you access all the content you want without any restrictions.


Hola VPN offers both a free version and also a premium subscription version of their VPN. Simply enter in an IP address provided by them in your DNS server, or to make it even easier just use their app extension for Chrome.

This then lets you access local games, and content unrestricted blocked on any streaming site. For sports, you simply need to choose an IP address in another state, or country. For geo-blocked content that is locked across an entire country, simply choose an address for a country that you want to watch their content.

Setting up a VPN is not hard, Hola VPN has excellent instructions on how to use their VPN on various devices, and operating systems. Here's their support page that shows you how it's done.

Hola VPN Free Vs Ultra

There are two ways to try Hola, their free version is a nice way to kick the tires and check out their VPN. But it's their Ultra VPN that really kicks things off into high gear. Their Free service works a little differently than most, because users share resources on their devices it's not nearly as fast as their Ultra plan.

Is Your IP Provider Throttling You?

There are some Internet providers that like to slow down the bandwidth you are paying for simply because you may visit a website they may not approve of. This can cause buffering and slow normally fast sites down to a crawl.

Hide Your Online Activity

Lately, big tech in the USA has been promoting the idea of a social score based on your online activity, following what China example where this is abhorrent overreach is already implemented on their citizens. In this type of world what you say online or the websites, you visit online can really hurt you.

A poor social score could outright cancel you from your favorite social media apps, deny you credit, or even cost you more for insurance or other services.

But using a VPN can hide your online activity from your Government, School, or Employer or websites that like to spy and gather data on your online shopping habits to sell to the highest bidder. But when you use a VPN they can't do any of these things, because all browsing activity first travels through your VPN's servers, they have no idea where you go or what you do online after that point.

There is one other huge advantage to pay for a premium VPN like Hola Ultra, is unlike their free plan, Hola doesn't keep any logs of your online activity. Therefore your privacy online is protected from file sharing sites that track and share your IP address. Never use Bittorrent with your Free VPN or without a VPN in place.

If you notice constant buffering when streaming and slow loading on websites using their Free plan because this is shared with many other users. Click here to try a free money-back 30/day trial to Hola Ultra and take advantage of a huge speed increase. The performance difference is night and day.

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