PornHub Defunded by Visa and MasterCard

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PornHub Defunded by Visa and MasterCard

Post by Admin » Wed Jan 27, 2021 6:45 pm

PornHub used to be one of the most popular adult movie sites in the world. But this all changed late last year when major credit card companies defunded them pending a Federal investigation for illegal user-uploaded content involving minors on their site.


At their peak, 14 videos a minute were uploaded by users to PornHub. With all this unregulated adult content, it was a disaster waiting to happen. And after the recent defunding by Visa and Mastercard, Pornhub has stopped allowing unverified user uploads after removing all user-uploaded content from their site.

The company has since offered alternative cryptocurrencies as payment, but for most users, cryptocurrency is a complicated and cumbersome form of payment compared to simply using a credit card.

Their loss of content has had a big impact on their traffic and it has sent many users scrambling to other popular adult sites which also have corresponding Roku channels. This makes it easy to watch adult films right on your big screen TV instead of on your phone or PC.

Adult Roku channels can't be found in the channel store on your Roku. They must be added as private channels from codes or links provided by the channel developer.

If you would like to learn more about adding private Roku channels, be sure to see this list of 1700+ private Roku codes for all kinds of unpublished channels. And these can be watched anywhere in the world.

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