A Price Increase for New Sling TV Subscribers

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A Price Increase for New Sling TV Subscribers

Post by Admin » Thu Jan 28, 2021 2:30 am

Sling TV is adding $5 more a month to the bill of new Sling TV Subscribers.


Their lowest cost streaming service will now cost $35/month instead of $30. However, all Sling plans will come with 50 Hours of cloud DVR storage which has been increased from 10 hours.

$35/month is for Sling Blue or Orange. But if you choose to sub to both, it will only cost $50/month instead of $70. So there is that little bit of good news.

But that's not all, prices are increasing by $1, on all their additional stand-alone channels. As far as price increases go we have definitely seen much worse from other live streaming sites.

Next to Philo, which offers the lowest cost streaming service minus news and sports channels. And Vidgo that has a two-month special promotion now for $10/month, Sling TV still offers one of the least expensive full-featured live TV streaming services available.

At least, this price increase is nothing like the prices we have seen on lumber and metals recently. Their prices have tripled in some areas of the country. So even though it may cost a little more now to subscribe to Sling TV, you are getting a little better DVR for your money so there's that.

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